Today, Land Rover formalized its relationship with Bowler, the company that builds rally raid and Dakar racing trucks with Land Rover engines and components. Could this be the start of the world's coolest offroad version of AMG?

Bowler currently builds one model in two trims. There is the 300 horsepower EXR that Bowler takes racing in places like Morocco and Ukraine. Then there's the road going version, the EXR-S, with a supercharged 550 horsepower. It's like a modern Mega Track.

What catches our eye is a line by Drew Bowler, the company's Managing Director. "We've only ever used Land Rover powertrains, and this relationship will give us access to current Land Rover technologies, and a great platform from which to support our racing activities and develop future models."


He could just be talking about continuing to develop the EXR-S, or he might be talking about becoming something like Land Rover's AMG or M-Division. Then we could all be driving gods, just like wee Richard Hammond.

Photo Credit: Land Rover/Bowler