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My, it's a fine time to be a billionaire. First Ferrari announces a Super Enzo, then Maserati confirms it'll build a production version of its Birdcage concept, now Lamborghini is preparing a run of 80 or 90 of its Concept S. The S, if you remember premiered in Geneva earlier this year. As you also may remember, it sports an aerodynamically inclined barrier athwart the cockpit, which acts as a giant intake to suck air straight back into its midship-mounted 5.0-liter V10. Automotive News Europe reports the Concept S got such an enthusiastic reception from, er, enthusiasts, that the company just had to build it. We'll likely see it side-by-side with the new Gallardo Spyder, on which it's likely based (or vice versa) at the Frankfurt show in September.

Lamborghini Concept S to Appear in Geneva