Lamborghini LP640 Tangles With Yamaha XJR1300, Results Smashing

And the parade of wrecked Lamborghini LP640s continues as we peek in on a crash that happened in England between the ragin' bull and a now FUBAR'd Yamaha XJR1300. Without more detail there's no way to tell who was really at fault here or to know the condition of the motorcycle driver, but we do know that's going to be a hefty bill for the repairs on the Lambo. Looks like every panel on the right side is buggered in some way and that front left wheel seems to indicate its suspension is much worse for the wear. We'd advocate a "Save the LP640's" t-shirt, but it just doesn't roll off the tongue as well, and we're apathetic about the fate of a footballer's car anyway.
[ via Autogespot]


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