Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 North American Premiere

We've seen the new Lamborghini LP560-4 at Geneva, but that didn't stop us from checking it out again here in New York for its North American debut. Yes, the updated V10 makes 552 HP. Yes, the new car weighs 44lbs less than the original Gallardo. But none of that really matter unless you're behind the wheel on an open road. So why is it that we can't get enough of the little Lambo?


Simply put, the LP560-4 is gorgeous. This isn't just a mid-cycle model refresh that's been tacked on, its a series of subtle tweaks that make the Gallardo feel like a baby Reventon. The new shade of matte white paint is fantastic. Plus, it's soothingly smooth to the touch. And after all, we sure are suckers for good-looking, unattainable Italian... cars.

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