Lamborghini Crashed And Abandoned On Dallas Highway Was A Rental

Illustration for article titled Lamborghini Crashed And Abandoned On Dallas Highway Was A Rental

In a non-stunning bit of completely unsurprising news, it was revealed that the crashed and abandoned yellow Lamborghini in Dallas was, in fact, a rental car. That slight rocking motion you feel in the earth is all those heads nodding in understanding. Of course it was a rental. Now it all makes sense.


Really, the only surprising thing about all this mess is the name of the rental company, Exotic Skittles, which sounds a lot more like a candy-themed gentleman's club. Look, those Exotic Skittles even use a yellow Lambo — perhaps that yellow Lambo — on their Facebook page's cover.

I called a representative of Exotic Skittles and asked them first if something like this has ever happened before.

"Oh yeah," was his immediate, unhesitating reply, " You gotta factor this sort of thing in. It's part of the cost of doing business."

He also said that this was the first time a car had actually been wrecked and abandoned before. I asked if they had any inkling that this customer might do this — if they felt any hesitancy, and was a little surprised at the answer:

"You can get a feeling from most customers. This was a usual customer, though, a guy we had a relationship with. We've talked with the guy. Maybe he panicked, maybe he was with friends — I don't really know what was going on."


So this wasn't the renter's first time in an exotic or anything, even. I asked if they'd consider renting to him again, seeing as how he's been a regular.

"Probably not."

The nice Exotic Skittles man assured me that no major policy changes would be coming from the incident, though — and I'm extrapolating from his tone here — I think the company would rather clients not wreck and abandon any of their cars.


Abandoning Lamborghini vs. DUI? Just saying.