Lamborghini Aventador Now Being Used At Airport Because Why Not

Lamborghini, once known as a maker of tractors and then as a maker of supercars, continues its transformation this week into a maker of municipal service vehicles with this Lamborghini Aventador airport taxi vehicle.

This comes after the Lamborghini police car in Dubai, and, of course the Lamborghini used to ferry organs on the autostrada. Now all they need to do is have it race a jet down the runway.


Lamborghini sent the Aventador to the Bologna airport for its 50th anniversary, where it will actually help taxi planes until May 19th. The company also sent test driver Mario Fasanetto to train the workers at the airport, just in case the raging bull got a little out of control.

I get this makes up for the Lamborghini Egoista they released last night. Can't get too crazy, right? Then ze german owners vould be very upset.


I want a Lambo garbage truck.

Photos credit: Lamborghini

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