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We widdle back and forth between dabbling in the art world and loathing it. But, as a sculptor we know who built an outrageous hot rod as a respite from the fine arts once lamented, "I thought the hot rod world would be full of less bullshit than the art world. Turns out I was wrong." Anyway, the marketeers at Hyundai handed over a Tiburon to an NYC artist who simply goes by the name of BILLY (apparently another unfortunate case of using all caps in a case which doesn't bear the import of ALUMINUM UND SHTEEL, MEIN LIEBESM DCHEN!), who spun the Korean sport coupe into some sort of folk-art mashup of Peter Max, Aztec and Egyptian styles. Aztlan! Giza! Seoul! Angelheaded hipsters who bathe in pretense! Arise!

Yes, It's the New Hyundai Tiburon [Internal]