Here's a question for you: how do you feel about a hybrid Hemi? Somebody please answer for Danio as I know his head just popped. With the electric motor, both vehicles can summon up 385 horsepower. No mention of torque (either at the reveal or in the press release) but both "two-mode" big 'ol hybrid boys showed up towing toys. The Chrysler got a horse trailer while the Dodge had a boat. ChryslerCerebusDodge is claiming that gas mileage in the city will be up by 40% while highway numbers will improve by 25%. The actual numbers? ChryslerCerebusDodge didn't say, which of course reminds me of an old Simpsons bit. "Each newspaper contains a certain percent of recycled paper." To which Lisa asks, "What percent is that?" The answer, "Zero. Zero's a percent."