You have no idea how badly we want to stick about 17 exclamation points at the end of this headline. Yes friends, the new STI is (just about) here and yeah, it's a wagon. Huzza! And for those of you not interested in extra storage space, the wildly named Dual Active Valve System variable valve timing for both the in and the outdoor valves (Dual AVCS) lets the 2.5-liter boxer motor spin out 305 horses and crank off 290 ft-lb. of the torque. Oof, take that! It doesn't take a doctor of automotive journalism to realize that you don't need Corvette vs. Viper when you got new and improved EVO vs. superwagon STI. Wow... I guess I really am fried, cause the notion of a Viper shooting-brake just crossed my mind. Be sure to check the gallery for the WRC-dressed rally car. And the tailgate pins.


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