While Kat was crashing a party for Bentley owners in Japan, I was touring the lot of the Morrisville, North Carolina Cars & Coffee. There was an M2. And a Focus RS. And low-flying airplanes. I took pictures. If you took pictures doing something too, show us!

You know it’s a good time when you pull into a Cars & Coffee at 8:30 a.m. behind an Ariel Nomad—the same Ariel Nomad you went for a ride in for Facebook Live a month ago with the awesome sales team at Ariel. This time they brought an Atom, too.

Unfortunately, I didn’t swipe a ride in the Atom today because there was on-and-off rain and I’m counting on visiting their manufacturing HQ at TMI Autotech in South Boston, Virginia as soon as possible any-who. They’re very inviting if you’re seriously interested in buying something, so feel free to reach out.


I hung out with Oppositelock’s Jack Does Cars and survived the flurry of Mustangs escaping the rain. Here are my shots:

Wait, WAIT. Is that a.... no..
Yes, yes it is.
Gratuitous Michael Bay shot.
Gratuitous Michael Bay shot, too.
V8 motorrr.
I’ve seen this Porsche so many times. I think I’m going to name it the “Juggernaut.”
This RX-8 was hilarious.
“0 to 60 Eventually”
“Financial Mistake”
“GODZZILA” is “Unfuckwithable”
Lancer Life™
This car has shapes.
Cool color.
“80's Dude” and “Metro”
Just wait until you see the....
So cool. So rusty.

Now show me your pictures from Cars & Coffee, or whatever other cool car stuff you’re up to.

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