Kook Suing Idaho DOT Because Ten Commandments Don't Say He Needs A License

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Peter Jensen of Athol, Idaho has very cleverly noticed that the Ten Commandments hardly mention anything about needing a driver’s license to operate a car. According to TV station KREM, Jensen only recognizes the Ten Commandments as law, so as a result, he has no real license plate on his unregistered Ford Expedition. That’s also why he’s suing the Idaho Transportation Department for $5.6 million dollars.


It’s actually more specific than that; he’s suing the particular employee that had to send him the letter reminding him that according to the state of Idaho, all his driving privileges were revoked, and he wants that $5.6 million in gold and silver coins, because he thinks normal U.S. currency is “a fiction.”

Jensen notes that the Bible has nothing to say about licensing a car or driving, and goes on to say that

“I have a constitutional right to drive freely without restriction, so I shouldn’t have to get a driver’s license, vehicle registration, so forth.”

Which is a bit strange, since I’m not sure how confident the Founding Fathers were that Cugnot’s 1769 steam vehicle would catch on like it did, but you know, whatever.

Jensen’s Expedition currently sports a license plate that reads

SET-APART TO YAHUWEH (Zecharia 14:20)

I looked up Zecharia 14:20, and here’s what it says:

In that day shall there be upon the bells of the horses, HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD; and the pots in the LORD’S house shall be like the bowls before the altar.

Ohhhhhhhh, I see what he’s saying. That all makes total sense now. Of course he doesn’t have to license his car or pay registration or get a driver’s license or anything like that, because it says that the bells of the horses will have that holiness unto the Lord, and the pots will, um, be like, um, altar bowls, and, he, uh, um. Shit. Wait, this all seemed so clear like a minute ago.

Did I mention the bells? And the pots?

Jensen says he wants to “identify [himself] as being separate from the laws of this nation,” and instead only lives by the Mosaic Law as set in the Bible.


This guy, of course, is a loon, and even if he feels that government laws “are really fiction, so I didn’t feel accountable to them,” he lives in the state of Idaho, whether he admits it or not. Also, he’s not even correct Biblically, since the Book of Galifracians 32:7 clearly states

When the coming of the time of carriages compelled to motion by fire is at hand, take unto the tents of the Department of Transportation the gold coins they demand, and wait ye in lines until thy eyes cry tears, and thy rend thou garments from rage and haste.

Also, blessed are the carriages that soothe their heat with aether, and that place their iron fire-barrels at the rear, causing the rearmost wheels to propel.


That seems pretty clear to me. Pay up, dummy.

(thanks, Brady!)

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“I have a constitutional right to drive freely without restriction”