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Koenigsegg's Look Ma No Hands Feature Still Blows Our Mind

Accelerating to 186 MPH and then coming to a halt in 17.95 seconds is one thing, but doing it without holding the steering wheel should not be possible. Like, at all.


Then again, Christian von Koenigsegg seems to live by the idea that impossible is nothing. His Triplex suspension is not only named after a 1928 speed recorder that was powered by a trio of 27-liter Liberty aero-engines for a total of 36 cylinders, 81 liters and a claimed peak output of 1,500 horsepower, but also happens to make sure your outrageously powerful supercar drives dead straight even if you floor it or brake hard. That’s all down to a third damper connecting the two sides at the back. Clever stuff.


Don’t try this at home. Really. It’s not gonna work. Nope, don’t even think about it. Your car will break the line.

Any airfields available at a bargain price in your neighborhood?

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For more fun from when they displayed this in 2013: