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Kobayashi Crashes In Moscow And Of Course It's On Dashcam

Ex-F1 driver Kamui Kobayashi drove his Ferrari into a wall at a promotional event in Moscow, thanks to a damp track and what I can only assume to be a change in physics whenever you put a dashcam in a car in the Russian Federation.


Nobody was hurt, and Kobayashi even had the grace to present the crunched-up nosecone to the car's sponsor the next day.

For the record, that's the proper etiquette when you smash up a sponsored car — present the nosecone to the sponsor. If the nosecone is too badly damaged, a cookie bouquet is also acceptable.


(Thanks to our pals at Axis of Oversteer!)

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Victorious Secret

Damnit Jim, no one crashes like the Kobayashi.