Know Future: Yesterday's Car of Tomorrow

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We love predictions from the past that have failed to come true. The League of Nations, the demise of Apple Computer, the Thousand-Year Reich, the success of the Edsel, etc. It makes us want to grab our nose, point with right arm fully extended and exclaim in our finest Nelson Muntz voice, "HA-HA!" 2000-lb cars with air cushions, 100hp and theoretically-infinite wheelbases? In 1933, this was the the theoretic cutting edge, friends. Click over and ride a blade dulled with time.


The AUTOMOBILE of the Future [Modern Mechanix]

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Rusty Van Horn

WM. B. Stout looks like one of those guys you run into at the library. You know, the ones who have a briefcase, yet never have had a job that needed one...

Of course though, he did build an airplane later in life that brought him a little more fame.…

And its design looks very similar to his car...