So you've seen the new Mustang-ed up KITT live, you've seen the live video of the new KITT, you've watched the made-for-NBC Knight Rider movie, re-watched the new Knight Rider intro and theme music and you've even participated in the made-for-Jalopnik Knight Rider live-blog. Heck you may have even wandered back for some Knight Rider stripper action and some Turkish Knight Rider action. So wethinks perhaps you're a bit Knight Rider-ed out. Wethinks perhaps you just want this all to go away. Well guess what, it can โ€” just sit back and spend a few moments watching the classic Knight Rider intro and reminiscing about the way things were. Yes, it most assuredly must have been better back when KITT was an F-body. Just keep telling yourself that. Over and over again โ€” all the while chanting the words "The only KITT I know has 'Turbo Boost'..." Do it while you hug that pillow made of man-hair clippings from das Hoff ever-more snugly to your bosom.