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King of the Road Shelby GT500KR Finds Extra Horsepower

Illustration for article titled King of the Road Shelby GT500KR Finds Extra Horsepower

Apparently Ford's uprated Shelbyfied Mustang GT500 — the GT500KR or "King of the Road" — is getting a touch more horsepower than expected. According to Blue Oval News, after Carroll Shelby visted Ford's Dearborn Proving Grounds this past Friday, Ford increased its horsepower projection of the KR from 540 to 550. Was Ford being coy in the face of competition? We have no idea, though with the top-line SuperSnake on the way, sporting 600 or 725 horsepower, such tomfooligans are wholly unnecessary. Could a 650-hp, Viper-engined Challenger be in the cards? [Blue Oval News]


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@Mad_Science: For $75k, you could get an RS4 with an MTM supercharger, independant rear suspension, and nicer interior, not to mention nailing hotter chicks and avoiding some lesser speeding tickets just because you look like you make more money. Then there's the whole 40/60 Quattro thing, in case you are in to snow and/or motorsports. Almost forgot, now you can have your Avant and blow it, too ;)

I'm not saying this car has nothing going for it, but why would you take a Mustang over that, unless you still eat 'freedom toast' for breakfast with your Folger's? Bruce>>>'Murrican pride

I would buy American, if only they were better engineered interior/suspensionwise and came with a first aid kit in the rear armrest.