Kimi Räikkönen, Why Did You Stall?!

Why, Kimi, why? You started in second! Second! Place! The hopes and dreams of Tifosi everywhere for a win at their home Italian Grand Prix now rest solely with Sebastian Vettel and/or the potential for mechanical gremlins in Hamilton’s new power unit. Why did you stall? Why? Whyyyyy?!

Why did you stall, Kimi? Why. Did. You. Stall?!

Literally 99.999999% of the home crowd was counting on you not to mess this start up. You, Kimi. You. If there’s anything the rowdy crowd at Monza loves, it’s a red car up in front.

Why? Why? Why?

Räikkönen currently sits in ninth place after having qualified second (whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy) and it’s not like it matters so much anyway in terms of grabbing a Ferrari home win at Monza, as Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes is over thirteen seconds ahead of Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari.




Update: Räikkönen couldn’t explain the stall to Formula One after the raceper se, but he thinks antistall may have kicked in and prevented him from moving.

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When Kimi bogged it on the start I yelled at the TV. My 14 week old Siberian Husky puppy seemed to sense the desperation and howled right along with me.