It's now firmly established that a car's best theft deterrent isn't an alarm or LoJack or electrified door handles . It's a manual transmission . And the latest proof of its mystical crime fighting abilities comes in the form of an attempted kidnapping foiled by the noble stick shift.

According to the AP, Demetri Nelson broke into the home of a 53-year-old woman, demanded money, and then told her to get into the trunk of her car.

He planned to drive her to another house, but Nelson's plot was derailed when he got behind the wheel and was confronted with the most terrifying thing to a doltish 27-year-old criminal: a third pedal and a pole protruding from the floor.

The attempted kidnappee used the emergency trunk release to escape, as – we imagine – Nelson stalled and grinded his way out of the driveway.

He was caught several hours later with the victim's keys in his pocket, because there's a direct correlation between driving manual and criminal intelligence.


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