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Kid Uses Nintendo DS To Save Mom After Car Crash

Illustration for article titled Kid Uses Nintendo DS To Save Mom After Car Crash

This past July, the Miszkowiec family's car hit a kangaroo in a terrifying nighttime crash in the Australian province of Victoria. Seven-year-old Christopher Miszkowiec used his Nintendo DS handheld gaming device to help free his trapped mother and younger brother.


The Miszkowiec family had been driving late at night on a country road near Heathcote, central Victoria, when they hit a kangaroo, crashed and rolled several times into bushland.


While father Wayne fought to get out of the car and free six-month-old baby Joseph, Christopher unbuckled his own seatbelt and five-year-old brother Dilon's seatbelt, helping him from the car.

Then, using the light from his DS screen to see in the pitch black darkness, he went back into the car to help his mother and freed her from her seat, where she had fallen unconscious during the impact.

Today, Christopher was one of 11 people honoured with Ambulance Victoria Community Hero awards at Melbourne's Parliament House for their "extraordinary lifesaving acts".

Christopher's also been given lifetime unlimited Nintendo DS playtime by his mother.

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Frank Grimes related news Nintendo head boss guy announce the new Nintendo DS.

In a press conference Nintendo big boss is shown holding the new DS hand-held game system as he glorifies the new features.

after a brief but first hands on Frank Grimes has learned the new DS is basically exactly the same except has a bult in automobile escape tool which includes.

-high carbon steel windshield break hammer

-surgical steel seat belt cutter

- a new button called the Chris light basically a button that makes the screen approximately 3x brighter.

-first aid manual app stored in internal memory

Expect a full review shortly.