Kicking Tires Kicks The Tires On Saturn's New Vue

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Although we weren't "lucky enough" to get a first drive of the new Opel Saturn Antara Vue, we're able to rely on the crazy kids at the site all about a Gary Numan song to show us what we're "missing." Rabbi Dave over at their blog, Kicking Tires, got a chance to whip one around for a bit, so until we get a chance in the driver seat, they're the best you're gonna get. Yeah, it ain't much, but like we said — it's the best we can get as of yet of Saturn's newly redesigned Car-UV. I mean, we're not saying the General's scared or nothing to let a "real blog" take it for a ride, but you know, if the tires fit...


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@David Thomas: Better than the CX-7, is that really saying much?

Kudos for good mirrors, but there's this trend to compensate for what seems to be poorly functional design with back-up sensors and cameras. Irritates me, but I think it's my hang up. Safety is good. Simplicity is good. Safety with simplicity is best.

David Thomas has actually driven the vehicles, so I'll defer to him, I'm talking from the perspective of looking at pictures.