When we receive emails with “eroticize” in the subject, we typically expect, at the very least, a computer virus, or at the most, pictures of smokin’ hot babes. Sadly, Kicherer — purveyors of the original SL to SLR nose conversions — didn’t see fit to include either. Instead, they sent us pictures of this 2008 Mercedes SL63 AMG equipped with various carbon bits and 560 HP (40 up from the standard model). The only thing that seems worthwhile is the carbon diffuser that smooths out airflow underneath the car at its 199 MPH top speed. Instead of being disappointed, we’re just going to imagine what they might have hidden in the blacked-out interior. Does the SL glovebox have room for paddles, a whip and a ball gag?
[Kicherer via WCF]