Kia Soul, Insight And Prius Awarded IIHS Top Safety Ratings

Both the 2010 Honda Insight and 2010 Toyota Prius earned top safety ratings from the IIHS, meaning neither can hold it over the other's head. The cheap Kia Soul, though, is probably going to do some boasting.


To earn a top safety pick a vehicle must get top ratings in front, side, and rear tests. They must also be equipped with electronic stability control. While none of these things make a car any more fun to drive, they certainly make them more comforting to crash. The Insight and Prius were sort of givens and we're not altogether surprised about the Soul as it competes with the Honda Fit and Scion XB, both of which won the award last year.

The IIHS was kind enough to include some Kia Soul and Honda Insight carnage, which you can view below.


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I'm pleased that the Soul did well. The prospective drivers of these are probably going to do something stupid, but they've got their whole lives ahead of them to wise up.

But why are we trying to save the Yippies*?

*Yippie:n.1: A former yuppie turned hippie using "ill-gotten" gains in a manner in which to atone for their misdeeds whilst suckling at the corporate teat.

2: A hippie, who is, despite the patchouli stench, gainfully employed, and can afford a Prius over an '83 Vanagon.

var: yippy pl: yippies.