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Kia Promises 'Head-Turning Looks' For Its No-Name Sports Car Concept

Illustration for article titled Kia Promises Head-Turning Looks For Its No-Name Sports Car Concept

The Detroit Auto Show is less than a month away, but some automakers still haven't settled on names of cars they're teasing before the main event. Like Kia, which has given us a gold outline of its latest concept. Which doesn't have a name.


We know it's a 2+2 sports coupe. They say it's "stunning" and it's "intended to turn heads while delivering superb driving enjoyment on both road and track."

We say, "show us the damn car."

They say they will, "in the weeks ahead."

Photo: Kia

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Now taking bets on how much it's going to look like a stretched Veloster!