Keyed! Sophisticated Unlocking Technologies Annoy the Kids

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We know what makes a person become a writer. Creative expression; the promise of poontang and/or dong when a person you desire finds out that you actually make a living vomiting the contents of your brain onto a page or into a server. Or to become a teacher, with the desire to shape young minds. Or an engineer. But we wonder, why does somebody become a locksmith? We mean, we deal with a Lock on a semi-daily basis, and we listen to Morrissey's old band fairly regularly. But we wouldn't put the two together. It'd just be Stonewall all over again. Still, we respect locksmiths immensely. We find them to be fascinating creatures. We just wanna know how they ended up that way.

High-tech car keys spur growing lockout problem [The Arizona Republic]

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