Illustration for article titled Ken Blocks Ford Focus RS RX Looks Like Some Dope Ass Zubaz Pants

I’m not old enough to be able to explain why anyone would want to wear Zubaz pants, but I’m old enough to have seen a grown man wearing them and to be haunted by the memory. I can now blame Ken Block’s RS RX rallycross beast for resurrecting what a significant investment in therapy had tried to kill


Ken Block and his Hoonigan outfit partnered with artist Felipe Pantone to work on on the livery for KB’s car which, true to form, is not boring. Ken Block doesn’t do boring. When he pours a bowl of cereal the milk is bright purple and the cereal isn’t cereal at all but instead little rings of pure molly.

I like the look and get that the artist worked hard to make it look kinetic while still recognizably on-brand. But damn, those look like some Zubaz pants.

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