Our friends over at Hoonigan posted this great spectator-shot video of a crazily determined Kenbert L. Blockenswafer not stopping or even slowing down to donate the tiniest of shits about the missing front wheel he's not driving on.

It was the 3rd stage of the Oregon Trail rally when he lost the wheel, and the rules stipulated he'd have to start the 4th stage in the same impaired state. So he does, on three wheels, at night, shooting glorious rooster tails of sparks.

He came in 2nd overall, which is basically 1st when you factor in he did it in part on three wheels.

I lost a front wheel when I was racing in LeMons back in '08, and all I managed to do was come to an angled stop, quickly and sloppily, so that just makes me respect this loon all the more.


(Helmet tip to Brinskan!)