Hoonigan, drifter, and ocassional WRC finisher Ken Block's bringing Gymkhana to the masses with the head-to-head Gymkhana Grid. WTF is that? Watch the video and ask him about it here tomorrow afternoon.


The Gymkhana Grid/Ken Block Invitational puts two cars against one another, ROC-style, on two identical courses in a head-to-head gymkhana against the clock. It's happening this weekend at Southern California's Irwindale Speedway and, as a preview for the event, Block's crew got screwed up on Monster Energy drinks, read through the Jalopnik comments, and tried to duplicate it in video form.

As a show of gratitude for inspiring the Gymkata jokes, Ken Block's logging on to Jalopnik to answer your questions in the comments for a celebrity edition of "Ask Me Anything" tomorrow.


[Gymkhana Grid]

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