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Kelley Blue Book Awards Top Resale Honors

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Okay, so like, fer sure these cars'll sell at a good price when you trade 'em in on the latest and greatest over the next five years, but what's going to be the Hemi Challenger Convertible of our generation? The new Z06? The Cayenne Turbo? The 300C SRT-8? The obvious eventual Hemi Challenger Convertible SRT-8 in Plum Crazy? We know not, but with so much mechanical innovation and horsepower making violent love to the pavement these days, we're just waiting for the inevitable '77 Trans Am of today to creep up like the chest hair above Burt Reynolds' collar. And we're pretty sure that it's not the Pontiac Vibe.'s top picks in each class after the jump.


Sedan: Accord Hybrid
Coupe: Infiniti G35
Convertible: Chevrolet Corvette
Wagon: Subaru Outback
Hatchback: Toyota Prius/Mini Cooper
Luxury: Infiniti M45
Pickup: Toyota Tacoma PreRunner
SUV: Porsche Cayenne
Minivan: Honda Odyssey

Top Resale Cars [CNN/Money]

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