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"Ke Mai Luo" is how you say Camaro in China

Illustration for article titled Ke Mai Luo is how you say Camaro in China

This just in. The Chevy Camaro will be re-branded Ke Mai Luo for sales in China. As far as we can tell, it either means "Ministry of Running to Catch Something," or "a subordinate in a gang of bandits."


GM's prepping the Camaro-in-China message ahead of the car's China launch at the Shanghai auto show next month. The base model Ke Mai Luo with a 3.6-liter engine will be priced around RMB 500,000, or US$76,295.

GM says the Camaro's "masculine design" will join China's Euro-dominated luxury sports car market, which grew 141% in 2010.

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Its the phonetic in Chinese pinyin for Camaro. Like McDonalds is mai dan lao. Duh.