Karmann Ghia Engine Mystery Solved, Kinda

Yesterday we told that the engine from the Karmann Ghia Type III we're sorta helping to rebuild had to be yanked out because of a bad noise. Well, we just got the word from nous bon ami Scott and here is the why. If you remember way back to the beginning of this set of posts, you will recall that one of the pistons was bad. So, Scott replaced it. Turns out that the new-old stock part is – wait for it – 1/6000th of an inch taller than it should be. So, it was whacking against the head, forcing the exhaust valve to open. Which is why the noise sounded like an exhaust leak. Bad news: Scott needs four new pistons. Good news: pistons are cheap. Better news: new engines are pretty cheap, too, and lots of much more powerful mills will bolt right in. And yes, we are going to suggest an engine from a STI.


Diagnosis: rejected transplant! [vw+vw1500.com]

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