Opel, a solid contender for the least cool car company on earth, just too a great step forward in fashion consciousness and also cuteness. They got Karl Lagerfeld's cat.

The Telegraph reports that Lagerfeld's Birman named Choupette is promoting the newest Opel Corsa, a car that could not be more staid and inoffensive if it tried. Apparently the Corsa is getting its own calendar and Choupette will be the star.

Choupette may be the most pampered creature in existence, with two maids attending to her at all times, the Telegraph states. Lagerfeld described his cat's easygoing attitude at the shoot.

Choupette did a great job - just as I would expect from a star. She was relaxed no matter whether she was behind the wheel or on the roof of the Opel. She was by no means tense.

Choupette concluded the photoshoot with a 12-hour nap.



Photo Credits: Karl Lagerfeld/Opel