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Buff-book exclusivity may be on the wane given Internet-leakage, but R&T managed to slide a bit into their print edition about the apparently-upcoming Saab Sonett, based on GM's Kappa platform. According to Road & Track:

Saab's jet-inspired sports car concept has reportedly been cleared for production, according to our sources. The rear or all-wheel drive Audi TT rival, possibly called the Sonett, will go on sale in 2 years as a 2 seat convertible and later as a 2+2 coupe. As you (can't) see from the image, there is a lot of Aero X in the Sonett (THESE FUCKERS AND THEIR WIGGLE ROOM - IT'S A P-SHOP!), despite replacing the concept's canopy-style roof with a power folding soft top. The Sonett will feature a wraparound windscreen, an aerodynamic front end, flared wheel arches and a chopped tail. The coupe's rear seats will be suitable for short trips or extra luggage space.

Oh, and just to make Farago a bit more wrinkly at the dimples, the car will apparently be available with a twin-clutch, DSG-style transmission.

New Saab Sonett Concept May Be on the Way [Internal]