Kanye West Pulled Over For Speeding In Kim Kardashian's Geländewagen

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Voice of a generation Kanye West found himself in a bit of hot water with the law after getting pulled over for speeding in West Hollywood earlier this week, according to E! News.

Kanye was apparently driving his girlfriend Kim Kardashian's Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG when he was pulled over for driving too fast and having overly-tinted windows.

Luckily, Yeezy got off with only a warning. That's never happened to me. I bet it's really nice.


Photo credit Mercedes-Benz/Getty Images

Hat tip to Ilya!

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Goshen, formerly Darkcode

Overly tinted windows? There are a lot of douches in my town who prowl in their A8s and Evoques with completely black windows and they never get pulled over by the police. And they're not famous either.