At a certain point when you're watching an SUV run from the cops with two blown out tires and shooting sparks from both right wheels, it stops being about the chase. You’re just impressed by the truck itself. 

The driver of this silver Honda Passport led police on a 45-minute chase from Independence, MO to Kansas City this morning. Multiple stop sticks were thrown in the path of the vehicle, reports KCTV5, which accounts for both right-hand tires having departed from the vehicle.


Kansas City police believe the vehicle may be stolen. More importantly, we can all agree with the KSHB Action News 41 helicopter pilot’s assessment of the Honda, though he mis-identifies the SUV as a Nissan Pathfinder.

“[T]his is quite a testimony to the capability of the Nissan Pathfinder. This guy, if nothing else, maybe can do some Nissan commercials before this is all over.”

(Hat tip to @bubbaprog!)