Watch This Motorcyclist Face A Squirrel With A Death Wish

What is it about small furry things that makes them incapable of understanding when to cross the road? The math should be pretty simple: big loud thing + moving fast = don’t cross the road now. And yet, this squirrel, like so many rodents, picked the only moment when a vehicle was on this otherwise completely empty road to cross.


I have a few theories.

  1. There is a depression epidemic amongst small rodents and they’re trying to end it all. We need a nationwide program that addresses small furry mental health.
  2. Rodents have small brains that panic when confronted with an unfamiliar thing.
  3. Sabotage. Some of these mammals have offered themselves as tribute to take out motorists and cyclists and reclaim nature.

Whatever the answer, if you’re on two wheels, keep your eyes out. It only takes a 2-lb squirrel to destroy your 300-lb bike if you’re not careful.

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Just sayin’.