And GF Williams and I are off on the Cayman Adventure. We just got to Austria, where we were immediately ticketed. More soon.

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Just remember: The speed limit is 130kph in Austria and they are hard core on that - no more then 10 over seems to be the tolerance. As me how I know. There are no signs telling you 'Welcome to Austria'. You drive out of a tunnel and your in Austria - yet the the speed limit sign shows the delimited symbol. That means delimited - up to 130kph - NOT delimited as in Germany where it really means no limit. Dive the Gross Glokner high alpine road whine in Austria - DO IT! Too much road construction between Munich and Salzburg on the A 8 - take a different route. Visit Porsche museum or give back Cayman now.

My ride in Austria - 2013 991S….html