Just How Good Is A Car Made Of Wood?

Morgan is one of the most old school car manufacturers in the world. They still make cars with ash wood frames.

Wood! Sure, there are modern touches like aluminum bodies, BMW power, auto transmissions, and bespoke interiors, but the Morgan Aero Coupe is still decidedly old school.


It's a very old fashioned, very British sports car. Then what is an Aston Martin V8 Vantage? It's still beautiful, it's still loud, it's still got some old school touches. But the Vantage seems downright futuristic compared to the Aero Coupe.

Both cars cost about the same and might be on the same short list for a possible buyer. Jethro Bovingdon took both of them out and about on a very British day (READ: Soggy) to find out.

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