Just A Reminder That Subaru Rally Cars Are Amazing

Top-level rally cars keep getting better and better, but unfortunately they are not getting Subaru-er. So here's Petter Solberg testing a Subaru Impreza WRX STi WRC in Finland back in 2008.

Subaru is still invested in rallying, with cars scattered through lower series the world over. While Ford seems to be leading the way to a production-oriented, somewhat-affordable WRC of the future, I will happily remember a more gonzo Subaru of the past.


Of course, when it comes to F1 cars with mudflaps, nobody can top Group B, but it's hard to find HD video of Lancia Delta S4s airborne across Scandinavia. So do enjoy this very blue Scooby and hope that the next WRX gets the race car treatment.

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