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Today's the first of the month, the day the world finds out what sales numbers look like for the US market for June. With Automotive News using words like "carnage" to describe what those numbers will look like, we probably shouldn't expect a whole lot of happy faces in the boardrooms of automakers. So what are the stories to watch for this month? There's two. First, we're hearing Toyota might pass GM in US market share for June. Second, Chrysler may see sales fall below 10% of the market and Honda might even pass them to become the #4 sales leader in the United States. We doubt the Honda piece will happen, but the 10% part? That could happen — especially given their over-reliance on sales of pickup trucks and SUVs. Want to know the bloody numbers? We've got the projections from JD Power and all of his many Associates below the jump on year over year sales through June.



GM: -26.2%
Ford: -31.4%
Chrysler: -30.1%
Toyota: -6.6%

Honda: +9.3%

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