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In any emergency situation where a celebrity is involved, the family always asks for the media to respect their privacy. The same occurred after Michael Schumacher's horrific skiing incident. And now a moron journalist put on a priest disguise to try and see Schumacher.


Schumacher's press officer, Sabine Kehm, told reporters about the incident in a press conference:

Apparently a journalist dressed as a priest had tried to gain access to Michael's room. I wouldn't have ever imagined something like this could happen.

As of right now, neither the reporter or outlet have been identified, and I'd imagine if/when they are that there will be some major repercussions.

Along with the tale of the priestly moron, Kehm also gave reporters some possible insight into how exactly the fall happened. It sounds like he was skiing between two trails, and may have hit more than one rock:

...He started to ski again, went into the deep snow and apparently what we assume is he hit a rock when he wanted to do a curve and he was catapulted in the air and apparently went head down hitting another rock.


Thoughts are still with Michael for a full recovery.

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