Joseph Stalin's Armored Limousines

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Ever wonder what Joseph Stalin drove, or more accurately, was driven in? How about one of 32 completely armored Likhachov-built ZIS-115's. It's 19.6 feet long, weighs 9,435 lbs and gets 8.5MPG. Some tyrants are more equal than others.

The ZIS-115 featured a state of the art armor envelope for the 1940s and came with 3 inch thick laminated bullet proof glass. The cars were primarily built for Stalin's daily use and for security reasons he never used the same one two days in a row, opting to occasionally switch cars en route, take winding paths, and change drivers at the drop of a hat. Such precautions were certainly in order considering the amount of his countryman's blood he had on his hands.

Hey, is that a Packard grille? [EnglishRussia]

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At 9435lbs, I wonder what kinda drivetrain is has to keep it from stalin.