MotoGP Shows Why You Don't Allow Animals On The Track

You would think that because a motorcycle is narrower it'd be easier to avoid hitting things on the track, but MotoGP racer Jorge Lorenzo proved that theory wrong today when he hit a poor seagull sitting on the course. Add it to the list of deer, eagles, and other woodland creatures.

H/t to Lawsohard for the GIF!


Jorge Lorenzo in Birds! (Directed by Marc Marquez)

Not even the seagulls could stop Jorge Lorenzo from conquering pole position at Phillip Island.

It was an intense battle between Championship leader Marc Marquez and #99 (Lorenzo) who has to make sure he is not outscored by 8 points this weekend if he wants to keep his championship hopes (and crown retention) up.

Marquez who is a previous winner here as well, took a bit of a step backward on Friday Practice when he over gassed the Lukey Heights corner, causing his rear to step-out.

“On the crash I opened the gas at the same place, but when I tried to open it a little bit more the rear was sliding so aggressively. Maybe I opened a little too much. I know now that I can't open more gas in that corner!”


It will surely be an interesting race, as all riders will be forced to change bikes at some point in the first 14 laps of the race due to Pirelli’s Bridgestone's concern with tires overheating on the resurfaced circuit.