Join Us Live Inside Chip Ganassi Racing's Hauler Before The Indianapolis 500

Photo credit: Kurt Bradley

Everyone knows it’s the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, but how are teams preparing for it? What do teams bring with them? How do they set up their car, and their work space? Join us for a walk through live now as we head into Chip Ganassi Racing Team’s haulers here at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Part one takes us into the massive complex of all six haulers:

Part two is live now, continuing to dig through Chip Ganassi’s race transporters:

We’re sending mad genius Jason Torchinsky to Ganassi’s work space to pick the brains of Chip Ganassi Senior Manager of Public Relations Kelby Krauss. Take an up-close view of the cars, the hauler, the team and how they really work.


There’s place for the team to meet, important car tools and components, and storage space for all kinds of wonderful things. What will they find? Watch with us now!

What do you want to know? Join them live on the Facebook thread here with any comments you may have, and they can answer them in real-time. (Technology!)

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