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Join This RC Range Rover On A Groovy Rock-Crawling Adventure

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

This scale Range Rover with working lights and a detailed undercarriage is one of the prettiest RC SUVs I've seen, and it does a great job climbing scale "boulders" to a groovy soundtrack.


This RC adventure comes from "" which my astute sense of interneting reckons is a German website. Uploaded by YouTuber Fexri Esedov, the only RC in this video is identified as "Greasy's Range." Apparently it's a Tamiya CC-01 with a body by New Bright. That doesn't mean anything to me, but hopefully some more experienced RC enthusiasts will chime in.

That song, by the way, is "See You" by Dinosaur Jr.

This has been another installment of RC Adventures on Truck Yeah! Stop by every weekday at 11:30am for more micro-sized action in radio-controlled trucks.

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I got to ask, why do people do this? On Youtube there are thousands of videos of people "off-roading" in mud puddles with RC cars. Why? Who cares? Why do I have to, when I search for actual off-roading, have to sort through your childish RC BS?