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John Cooper Works Mini Clubman Revealed

Illustration for article titled John Cooper Works Mini Clubman Revealed is following in the embargo-breaking footsteps of its 'merican magazine cousins (not related). Whereas AutoWeek leaked the early deets on the Clubman,'s releasing details on the new John Cooper Works edition of the slightly-bigger-than-mini Mini. Our Dutch isn't great, but it looks like it will follow in its little brother's footsteps, sporting 18-inch wheels, the same 1.6-liter turbo producing approximately the same 192hp and a similar front fascia. The biggest difference, other than the extra set of doors, comes in the rear with a reworked bumper and taillights more reflective of the base Clubman. Click below for hi-res photos:[]


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Every time I read the name of this car, I just get hungry. Club sandwich, Clubman, feh.