Jim Sartori’s 10-Second, Aluminum FE Powered 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe

If the guys bootleggin’ moonshine back in the day got their mitts on Jim Sartori’s 1940 Ford, they never would have been caught. Thanks to power from an all-aluminum, 485ci Ford FE motor that made more than 600 horsepower on the dyno, the G-Men would have been a distant memory. This car is flat out amazing in every respect.

It’s an all-steel, 55,000-original-mile piece that came from Oklahoma, and the literally flawless black paint covers body modifications that are so slickly completed that you’d never know they were there if we didn’t tell you. Plus it runs low-10-second ETs at the strip, and Jim drives, and we mean drives, this car hard at the strip, and often.

Click here to see the photos and we’ll take you through the car from tip to stern and give you all the inside info that you’re dying to know. You can also watch the video below, and don’t forget that you can click the button next to the time counter to watch in full-screen mode.

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