Holy Crap: You Can Get $32 Flights On JetBlue Right Now (UPDATE)

JetBlue has offered up 32 routes to warmer climates for the record low price of $32. If you're looking for a last minute travel deal out of JFK in New York than you better #breaktheice while the iron is still hot. (UPDATE: They sold out already)

Destinations to Florida, Bahamas, and southern California are just a click away, but you better hurry because 13 routes are already sold out. Obviously some limitations apply. You must book your flight today by 4pm EST for travel between 1/21/15-2/11/15.


Here's the link, now go to the Bahamas.

(UPDATE: Nevermind, they sold out before even they expected. Damn it, I wanted to go to the Bahamas.)

Photo: AP

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