What It's Like To Drive A Life-Size Tonka Truck

Last week for part one of our season finale we took you inside the luxury big rig that carries the entire Tonka truck racing team. But we weren’t about to leave their ranch without playing in the sand box! For that we need this supercharged, ten-inch-lifted, t-shirt cannon-packing pickup truck.


Tonka’s been selling steel-made toy trucks for almost half a century, but what they’re really selling is fun. That’s why they keep building absurd caricatures of off-road vehicles and strapping a city’s worth of blinky lights on ‘em to make kids go nuts.

This extended-cab Toyota Tundra has a TRD supercharger strapped to the standard 5.7 V8, a 10” lift, tires the size of one Prius a piece, and basically every light in the Rigid Industries LED catalog.

Did I mention the t-shirt cannon? Oh yeah. There’s a t-shirt cannon. The Tonka Tundra’s dressed in the same “rescue” livery as the Lucas Oil Safety Team. But instead of, you know, rescue, it just brings the par-tay y’all.

Hop in with myself and professional off-road racer Myan Spaccarelli to see how that cannon works, and if we can do donuts in this monster without parking it on its roof!


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O[][][][][][][]O ™

Jesus Tonka, save some light bars for the rest of us.