Uncharted 4 Might Be The Coolest Off-Road Sim Ever

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Uncharted 4 is a new semi-open-world action/adventure third-person shooting game for PlayStation 4. It’s also got a major driving element, and it honestly looks like the most fun you can have in a 4x4 without leaving your couch.

In you find case those big blocks of text over the video as annoying as I did, here’s another purer clip of the driving action in an apparent “Madagascar level:”

The “Jeep” is a not-quite-officially-licensed generic 4x4, with some Toyota FJ40 and a few generations of Jeep CJ/Wrangler design elements mixed together.


But it’s beautifully rendered; look at the way the accessories bump and wiggle as the truck crosses obstacles! And the character dialogue going on while the player drives through this digital jungle is a lot of fun.

The mud is fantastic. The physics of the climbs and slippery spots look really fun, if not realistic, and I think this is the first video game I’ve ever seen that involves physically exiting a vehicle and running a winch!

This driving looks almost as engaging as the ultra-real off-road PC sim SpinTires, but you know, this game also has the requisite story and violence that make video games really fun. At least for bloodthirsty lunks like myself.


Uncharted 4 is supposed to come out April 26th, for PlayStation 4 only, after which point I’m sure our friends at Kotaku will have a complete review.

I have never played any of the previous games from the Uncharted series, but it looks like a vaguely Indiana Jonesy run-and-drive-around-and-shoot affair like Tomb Raider or Far Cry. Not explicitly a driving game per se, but as we’ve said before some of the best digital driving experiences aren’t in “driving games” at all. (Was the Warthog anybody else’s favorite part of the Halo games?)


By the way, if you know other games that combine great driving and action (besides Grand Theft Auto) tell me about them so I can pick them up when they end up on the discount rack at the store!

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cream wobbly

Jesus Christ people, the most fun you can have in a 4×4 without leaving your couch is a Range Rover.