A friend of ours who owns a pretty serious exotic IM'd us last night asking advice on shitboxes. She wants a high-mileage econobox as a runabout. We suggested the Fit (as we're loath to recommend the Prius to anyone we like โ€” nobody wants asshole friends, after all), but she was bummed by the lack of satnav. We suggested getting the Fit and going aftermarket. After all, none of our serious rallying pals rely on beforemarket nav systems, and Alex Roy has been known to use three or four at once. Apparently, Jorge Bonillapatino of Lawrence, NJ, is of the same mind as Herr Roy. He'd allegedly jacked nav units out of a number of cars in Plainsboro, Garden State. Then the cops caught up to him. Good luck navigating your way out of this one, Jorge.

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